Wicked Smart

15 'wins' that only educators will truly understand

judith aitken

Let the victory dance commence!

The teaching profession is a stressful one, with more paperwork than you can shake a stick at (although that stick is useful in batting off brand new initiatives that are thrown our way on a seemingly daily basis).


Let’s all take a minute to think about the joys of teaching. Of course, seeing children blossom before our very eyes is simply wonderful, but these 15 teacher victories help us remember that it really is the little things that count. When even one of the following  events happens during our day, celebratory dances can be seen in the corridors and Teacher-Teaching Assistant fist pumps are absolutely necessary.

  1. The moment when you realise that everyone, yes everyone has put their name on their paper.

2. When after a search similar to a police raid, the pen lid...is...found.


3. After a long hard day of teaching, your two little helpers return with the packed lunch boxes and none of them are leaking some foreign, sticky liquid.


4. After a wet playtime, one of your children (who you now think is a real life angel) has cleaned your whiteboards and organised your dusters.


5. The special moment when you – the chosen one – are given first dibs on backing paper and border rolls.


6. When it’s someone’s birthday and you can’t see the staffroom table for cakes.


7. Running dangerously close to home time with an inconsolable child clinging to your legs and you find their missing tooth. Bring it Tooth Fairy!


8. Those moments where you get to enjoy a full mug of tea, while it's still warm, from start to finish.


9. The feeling you get when you finish the final head count on a school trip and everyone is present and correct.


10. Finally, the topic/skill you have been teaching for months on end “goes in” and your children say “ohhhh….now I get it”.


11. That look you give your best friend when you find out that they will be your stage partner next year.


12. The moment you discover that office staff have replenished the stationary cupboard.


13. Usually, a piece of birthday cake brought in from home, soggy and wrapped in kitchen roll is a no no. However, when your children bring in sealed, shop bought baked goods…..


14. When the music department ask if it's 'ok' to have an additional singing assembly with your class, and hope that you're not offended that this time round, your presence isn't required.


15. End of term. ‘Nuff said.