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How Disney can help with 7+ comprehension

judith aitken

Here at Wicked Smart we are partial to a little tv time after school (with or without a G&T in hand!) and we recently watched an incredible documentary called “Life, Animated” which showcased the life of a young man called Owen Suskind. Owen has autism and when he was a child he lost the ability to communicate with others. Incredibly, he used Disney films to regain his communication skills and as he grew older, he continued to use Disney movies to teach him  valuable life lessons. In his secondary school, he even set up his own Disney club to explore the moral issues and messages of particular scenes. The film made us laugh and cry in equal measures and opened our eyes to the ways in which the obsessions of children with autism can be harnessed to help them achieve their full potential.

In schools and during tuition lessons, we often see children’s faces fall when they word ‘comprehension’ is mentioned, so we have been inspired by Owen to create our own Disney themed resource to help make comprehension more engaging. Ideal for 7+ prep, our resource asks children to investigate the scenes of some well known films, making inferences about what they can see or what they already know.

Using Disney films in learning really allows for children to understand the thoughts and feelings of characters with ease due to their exaggerated expressions and gestures, making it ideal for children of entrance exam age.

This resource doesn’t require children to analyse a chunky piece of text, making it ideal for those who are embarking on their 7+ journey.

To enjoy our fabulous freebie, just click on the following link! : using-disney-to-teach-comprehension

Thank you Owen for giving us a unique insight into autism and also for giving us new ideas on how to “unlock” the potential in all of our students.