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We offer tried and tested exam papers and resources, specifically made for children preparing for school entrance exams. All of our products have been written and developed by primary teachers  and tutors who have years of experience in successful preparing children to attend the top prep schools in the United Kingdom. 

The very first 7 plus curriculum

Created by teachers with years of experience preparing children for the most competitive school entrance exams in the country, our 7 plus curriculum outlines exactly what skills are assessed in the exam.

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Levelled exam papers

We understand how daunting an exam can be for a young child, which is why we have created five levels of exam papers that gradually increase in length and challenge, offering a more gentle introduction to the world of entrance examinations.

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Let the fun begin!

We believe that children learn best when they are engaged and motivated in their learning, which is why we have created games that specifically develop the skills required for school entrance exams.

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