Wicked Smart

We understand how daunting a full exam paper can be for a child who has no experience of exam preparation. With this in mind we have created 5 levels of exam paper to gently introduce children to the world of exams, gradually increasing the challenge and length of paper with each level. By working through the levels at their own pace, children's confidence can grow, leaving behind any exam anxiety!

The Wicked Smart  7 + levels


Level 1

Time given: 25 minutes

Level 1 papers are for those who are embarking on their 7 plus journey and have no experience of working completely independently under timed conditions. Level 1 is perfect for children who are beginning to explore the skills outlined in our 7 plus curriculum.

Level 2

Time given: 35 minutes

Finished level 1? Then welcome to level 2!

Level 2 papers are recommended for children who are beginning to work completely independently under timed conditions and are starting to apply basic skills from the 7 plus curriculum. An ability to apply these skills in problem solving situations has yet to be explored.

Level 3

Time given: 40 minutes

Once levels 1 and 2 have been completed, children should now be familiar with the concept and layout of an exam paper. Level 3 asks children to work independently for a longer period of time, and encourages children to become aware of how to manage their time. Level 3 introduces problem solving questions, so we recommend that in order to move onto this level, children should have completed levels 1 and 2 with accuracy. Not quite ready? Not to worry, start from level 1 again - slow and steady wins the race!

Level 4

Time given: 45 minutes

Level 4 papers have been designed and written for children who can now confidently complete an exam paper in the allocated time and are aware of the relationship between marks awarded and working shown. Level 4 papers encourage children to proof read their work and check for errors or questions that may be unanswered.

Level 5

Time given: 50 minutes

The final level! We recommend level 5 papers for children whose entrance exams are within 3 months. These children will be secure in their knowledge and understanding of all the skills outlined in the 7 plus curriculum, cope well with problem solving situations and can concentrate for sustained periods of time. Children working at Level 5 should be equipped with a range of exam techniques: proof reading their work, referencing marks awarded for each question and checking for sufficient working shown.

For children who have completed all 5 levels, we wish you the best of luck in your entrance exam and are extremely proud of the hard work and progress you have made!